Becoming Stronger

We started all as nothing
Don’t care what others are like
You are you and to see that,
is the experience of feeling you can be stronger.

To see the unbelievable
and then to achieve it, are 2 things.

When you see it (from both inside and outside your mind),
hear it,
dream about it,
then you’re almost halfway there.
40 percent you can say…
To set the mindset to work is one tenth of the whole, say 10 percent.
Your mind can do anything
but to make this normal, is the mindset of your own will.
Then to learn it, to know what it is and to widen your knowledge
is one fifth of the whole, let’s say 20 percent.
To finally experience your progress, experience and success is 15 percent.
Then you think what about the other 15 percent?
That last part is only certain when you achieve the others things.
So therefor there’s never a complete so called 100 percent formula.
Don’t think about a 100 percent I am done thing.
Search for changes that raises the bar higher every fucking time.

I think that’s the secret of becoming stronger.
To see no limits and have patient to make mistakes and failures.
Because of this you are already rewarded.
You will realize it afterwards but don’t think about it too much now.
There is no date, time or place to start perfectly.
Your life is already started, make every movement count.

Strong reminds me of a phrase from Miyamoto Musashi, Japan’s legendary Samurai.
It goes as follows:

There is nothing outside of yourself
That can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, Quicker or smarter.
Everything is within
Everything exist
Seek nothing outside of yourself.


I want to say you are already strong.
Stronger than I can ever imagine.
You are your own God and have faith in your actions because they will lead you.


just Clayton

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